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Tote Bag

Tote Bag

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Tote bags!

Gray Dreams Big
Our “Gray Dreams Big” tote was inspired by Gray the sheep, who is a Jacob sheep. It’s common for this breed to be multi-horned or have two extremely large horns (seriously, Google it. It’s wild!) Gray is still very young and while his horns grow, we couldn’t help but daydream what they may look like one day.

Artist Dylan Garret Smith captured this fantasy perfectly in this punk-meets-adorable design. The “Gray Dreams Big” tote is 100% organic cotton and sturdy, perfect for every day use or as your go-to grocery bag. Remember to always dream big (and to always bring a reusable bag when you shop)

Follow artist Dylan Garret Smith on Instagram at @dylanxvx and see all his artwork at

100% Organic Cotton


Pig Logo
Our popular pig design now on a tote bag! This adorable pig graphic was done by The Artful Union creative studio.


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